Spend more money?

Our lender has just approved us for a higher price than we told you we were prepared to spend when we started looking to buy. It will be a stretch, but it gives us more options. None of the places we’ve seen really excite us and we keep hoping something better will come up.   So, please keep sending us new listings but go up to a higher price.

I’d be happy to do that, but I also want to caution you that as hard as it is when you are excited about buying a home, it’s only prudent to purchase something well within your means. You have kids and that means you need a college fund. Education is getting more expensive and you want to be sure the money is there when they’re ready to attend college or a trade school.

I’ve seen families spend their last dime to get a “nicer” house, only to be totally strapped for years. We also had a deep recession just a few years ago and those with no deep safety net sometimes lost their homes. I’m not trying to stick my nose into your financial business, nor am I suggesting that you are not financially savvy and good planners. I know that the house hunting process can affect the way people act and it is sometimes counterproductive to their best interests.

Another reminder I’d like to share with you is that no one gets exactly what they want here. With only around 200 houses a year to sell on Vashon it’s not likely that you will locate your “dream home”. Most buyers end up happy and satisfied with something different than what they started out hoping to find. It’s really the beauty of the island, the peace and quiet, the good schools, the safe community and the wonderful people here that really matter.

Last, but not least, so many of our homes are going for over asking price, so you need to work under your top price so that you have some wiggle room if you have to bid higher.

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