No real deals


I know that my husband was upset the last time you spoke to him and I just wanted to apologize. He thinks that you didn’t really properly represent us when we made an offer. We lost the bid and now he wants to blame you. I’m sure you did everything you could to help us get the house.


He may learn, after he makes more offers that are well below asking price, that most of our homes sell for over asking price, some for significantly more. He seems to think he can get a real bargain if the home has been on the market more than a few weeks. There are a few good buys out there, but most of those are fixers, which you specifically said you didn’t want. At this point, I’m afraid that you’re out priced for the type of home you require. The home you offered on sold for well over asking price. I wish that wasn’t true, but it is the market we have.

Buying here is always difficult because we have so little inventory. In each price range and general category there may be only five to ten homes a year that come on the market.  Had you purchased a home a year ago, when you first started looking, you would have been living here a whole year and would have been able to afford your perfect home. That’s no longer true.

I’ve had to “fire” several clients who don’t understand that if you want to own a home on Vashon you must make that your priority. So many times, I send a new listing to a client, one that I think will fit their specific needs, but they are on a vacation, or too busy with their social life to come out and look at the house before it sells. If you continue to expect to get a real deal as well as find the exact home you require, you may have a better chance to find what you’re looking for if you widen your search to other Puget Sound areas.


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