Becoming a Real Estate Broker

I’ve been thinking seriously about becoming a real estate broker andfriends have recommended that I talk to you since you’ve been in the business so long.  I signed up for a class that’s required but I don’t know what else I should be doing.

This is a very challenging business and it has become more complex with each passing decade.  That isn’t necessarily a bad think if you like to be challenged, love working hard and look forward to lifelong learning.  The best thing you can do, after you get your license, is to interview with local real estate offices.  This very much an “on the job training” sort of business.  The classes you take to get a license will give you only the most limited and basic information.

A good real estate office should have an on-going educational component. You should be assigned a mentor who can show you the basics and be available to answer questions. It’s common these days for Realtors to work in teams. Often one of a team is far more experienced and you can learn a great deal from them. Ask questions and do research. Learn to be comfortable with county records and maps, the multiple listing service, the legal forms we use and real estate terminology.

You will be required to become a member of the multiple listing service. They offer many classes to help you get started with their various systems. You should also join the King County Board of Realtors. They also offer classes all year long to keep us up to date on the latest trends and most recent changes in the law. They also adhere to a code of ethics that is critical to understand. Those brokers who are successful over a long number of years, with repeat clients and referrals from former clients, are the ones who have learned to treat everyone in a transaction ethically and with respect. I learned a great deal just listening to those around me when I first started in a traditional real estate office 30 years ago.

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